How to choose a divorce lawyer: three aspects to consider before giving the assignment

How to choose the law firm to be represented in a separation and divorce case ? The basic criteria are essentially the same that guide the choice of lawyer for other types of needs and areas of expertise; however, in the case of separation or divorce, the empathy between professional and client could play an even more crucial role since these are causes that often last a long time and that involve intimate and personal aspects of one’s own affective sphere divorce lawyer.

How important is the position of the law firm in a divorce case?

One of the first criteria that apply when choosing a lawyer concerns the distance from the law firm. Having the advice of a nearby lawyer could be a practical advantage in reducing travel times and costs. This is especially true in large cities.


Choose a marriage law firm specializing in separation and divorce

The scope of family law is broad. A divorce law firm will specialize in this matter and this can guarantee a constant update on the legislation.Think, for example, of the advantages of the recent assisted negotiation for separation. In some cases, paths can be found that speed up the time and reduce the costs of divorce.

Availability and direct contact of the divorce lawyer: find the study online without intermediaries

Precisely because of the delicacy of the matter, having direct contact with the lawyer can make users feel calmer about the privacy of their data.

The advantages of mutual separation

What are the advantages of mutual separation and joint divorces over divorce in court? What are the deadlines for mutual separation? Today we talk about Claudio’s case, and how he managed to reach an agreement in consensual separation.

In the video I will answer these and other questions by giving you all the basic information to avoid drowning in panic and avoid making mistakes that could cost you money and time.

The reality as we live it and the procedural reality are not always the same thing: this is why it is important to contact a specialized professional (in our case, a marriage lawyer ), who sets himself in the perspective of seeking the best possible solution to each concrete case, rather than in that of necessarily fueling the clash in the courtroom. In order to do his job in the best possible way, however, even the lawyer must find himself in front of a “good client”. If both sides work together, without hindering each other, more satisfactory results are obtained for both the professional and the client, saving time, money and energy.