Why You Need a Dangerous Spills Truck Accident Attorney

Why You Need a Dangerous Spills Truck Accident Attorney

If you’ve been involved in a dangerous spill truck accident, it’s important to have a skilled Rochester, NY dangerous spills truck accident lawyer on your side. These accidents can happen for many reasons. These factors may include distracted driving, alcohol or drug impairment, tired or drowsy truck drivers, and product defects. A skilled accident lawyer can investigate all of the factors and determine if any of them caused the accident.

Distracted driving

If you have been injured in a truck accident due to distracted driving, you may be able to pursue compensation from the truck driver and the company that employed him. In addition to paying for medical expenses and pain and suffering damages, the truck driver may also be liable for lost wages and other compensation. If the accident caused a death, the family of the deceased can also seek wrongful death damages.

The law prohibits texting while driving, but truck drivers continue to use cell phones and other gadgets that take their attention away from the road. Distracted drivers are more likely to cause an accident than any other driver. These drivers aren’t paying attention to the road and may not realize they are distracted.

Tired or drowsy truck drivers

Truck drivers who are fatigued are more likely to have accidents, and fatigue can lead to a number of different types of injuries. These injuries can include physical damage to property, personal injuries, unexpected expenses, and even death. Tired or drowsy drivers also often do not pay attention to road conditions, which can lead to dangerous accidents.

Drivers should also try to get a good night’s sleep. Many truckers do not have regular sleep schedules, and their circadian rhythms are often irregular. This makes it difficult to get enough sleep during their rest periods, which can impair their driving, judgment, reflexes, and response time. Taking sleep aids can make it harder to concentrate and drive safely. Many truckers also choose to work late at night, when there is less traffic. While this may be an advantage, it can also put drivers at risk for accidents and dangerous spills.

Alcohol or drug-impaired drivers

Alcohol and drug-impaired driving are serious problems in the trucking industry, and they can have disastrous effects on the people around them. In 2016, there were over 20.7 million people in the United States who were driving while under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs. These drivers experience lapses in judgment and slower reaction times. As a result, they are even more dangerous than the normal driver. They can cause brain damage, broken bones, and even death. Therefore, they must be held accountable for their actions.

Intoxicated and drug-impaired truck drivers may not have the proper awareness of the road and may not allow themselves enough room to turn. This can lead to accidents, such as jackknife crashes. Jackknife accidents happen when the impaired truck driver suddenly stops, causing the trailer to swing out while the cab remains facing forward. These types of accidents are incredibly dangerous and can be fatal for those who are driving and for anyone who is on the road.

Product defects

When a dangerous spill occurs, it can be disastrous. A NY dangerous spills truck accident attorney will look into the cause of the accident to determine who should be held responsible. Often, there are multiple liable parties. For example, a manufacturer may be held responsible if a defective part caused the accident. Another party could be the truck driver, if he lost control or was fatigued. Depending on the circumstances, a truck accident lawyer may target both parties.

In addition to filing a lawsuit, the victim may also receive medical care. In many cases, toxic chemicals or other materials are spilled onto a roadway, causing an accident. In such situations, a NY dangerous spills truck accident attorney can help a victim recover. A lawyer can help victims pay medical bills and ensure that they recover fully.

Product liability

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a dangerous spill, it may be possible to receive compensation. A dangerous spill truck accident lawyer can help you make the most of the legal options available to you. Having a lawyer on your side can significantly increase your chances of winning the compensation you deserve.

Accident lawyers can help you determine who was at fault for the accident. In some cases, truck drivers may have been distracted or under the influence of drugs. These factors can cause the driver to lose control and cause an accident. You may be able to file a lawsuit against the trucking company, driver, or manufacturer of the goods loaded onto the truck.