Back Injury At Work Claims

If you are an employee that has sustained a back injury at work you might be wondering if you can claim compensation. Your employer has a duty to protect you from sustaining back injuries or any other workplace accidents from happening. Back injury at work claims are one of the most common workplace accidents we deal with. Your employer should have processes in place to prevent them from happening and if they don’t they could be liable.

If your employer hasn’t offered the correct training or taken the necessary protective action to stop your back injury from happening and you have been injured as a result of your negligence we can help you claim the compensation you deserve. This could be that they didn’t offer sufficient manual handling training or didn’t supply the correct equipment to help you safely lift items which led to your injury.

What accidents can cause back injuries at work?

We deal with many employees who have been injured at work in a number of ways. Here are the accidents at work which most frequently lead to back injury at work claims:

  • Lifting and moving objects
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Falling from height
  • Objects falling in warehouses, offices and landing on you from height

This list is not exhaustive so if you’ve sustained a back injury through a different type of accident we may still be able to assist.

If you’ve sustained a back injury at work we recommend contacting a no win, no fee solicitor to discuss your case. Even if you are unsure if making an accident claim is right for you we are happy to provide you with a free no obligation telephone consultation so we can discuss your case and advise if a compensation claim is likely to be successful. If we believe you have a strong case we will offer to take on your case should you wish to proceed. There may be times when we advise a compensation claim is not viable, an example of this is if you were correctly trained in manual handling but chose not to follow the procedures and have been injured as a result. If you received improper or no training then you may have a case to claim for compensation.

What type of back injuries at work can I claim for:

We have dealt with cases for clients with back injuries ranging from the minor to extremely severe here are some of the back injury claims we have successfully claimed compensation for, for our clients:

  • Sprains and Strains
  • Prolapsed discs
  • Fractured vertebrae
  • Ligament damage
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Paraplegia

One of the most significant issues with back injuries is that the long term wear on tear on a back injury can cause further significant damage over time. One injury can place pressure on other areas of the back causing further issues. If you have sustained a back injury it’s important to get a medical assessment as soon as possible your health should be your number one priority, receiving early treatment can help identify any possible complications and corrective action can be taken to prevent a more serious injury being sustained. As well as receiving early medical advice you should make sure your injury is correctly documented and reported to your employer. They are legally required to keep an accident book of any incidents that occur on site. If you decide to make a back injury at work claim these will form an important part of your case evidence. After any workplace injury these are the steps you should take in case you decide you later want to contact a solicitor to make any type of back injury at work claims.

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