Tips For Finding a Trademark Attorney

Trademark attorneys are used by all kinds of businesses all around the globe every single day. This is because there are many companies who decide that they want to legally protect their company name or a product name or slogan. A trademark lawyer is a legal professional who is responsible for helping individuals make sure that they correctly go through the legal trademark process and make sure that they get the protection that they need to keep their name and slogan protected from other people who may want to use it. Anyone that tries to use the name without permission will then need to face legal repercussions. Hiring a trademark attorney is an important step in truly branding your company and helping your company become a household name. However, before you choose a trademark attorney it is important to do some research, using a few quality tips. This will help ensure that you are hiring the right professional to help your company get its trademark.

First, make a list of local trademark attorneys from names that you find online and those recommended to you by friends or business associates. If you know a general attorney they may also be able to provide you with recommendations on different attorneys who you can hire to help you through the trademark process. You will then need to do some research on these individuals. Make sure that you visit their website and do a Google search for their name to find out any information that you can. You will want to find individuals who have experience in the trademark industry. It is also important to look into the background of the different individuals to see what type of cases that they have handled in the past. You will also want to contact the State Bar Association. They can provide you with a list of trademark attorneys in your area who have passed the special trademark bar exam and who are licensed trademark attorneys. They can also let you know if any of the attorneys that you are considering have had ethical complaints filed against them. This is a very important step as an attorney will not advertise this type of information on their website.

After you have found what seems like a suitable attorney you should then call the attorney’s offices that you are interested in and ask about any questions you may have. These questions should also include inquiries on cost. You should be aware of the fact that the more experienced an attorney is the more expensive they will be. Make sure that you ask about payment plans, hourly rates and retainers that you will have to pay. While quality in your trademark attorney is very important it is also very important that you can afford their help as well.