Driving With No Insurance: Penalties of Driving Illegally

It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle without the required paperwork. The appropriate insurance is necessary and the driver would be required to show proof of that insurance should he be stopped by the police for any reason. Without this proof of insurance the situation becomes unpleasant for the driver.

To risk driving your car without insurance cover is a danger not only to the driver but to other road users. Insurance companies do all they can to help by often offering monthly payment schemes to allow the cost to be spread over the whole year.

When you are caught by the police driving your car and are unable to prove that you have the required insurance cover you would be penalised both by the police and the courts. Many courts operate a zero tolerance policy and heavy fines can be applied. The police themselves will impound the vehicle and only release the car on the proof of all the appropriate documentation.

It is normal if you are stopped by the police and they ask for proof of insurance cover which you are unable to produce the police will impound your car but they may give you a few hours grace to take your paperwork to your local police station. Failure to do this on your part the police will take the legal process further this is when the courts become involved. If you have been involved in an accident and you are unable to produce your policy documents then things can become a great deal worse.

Costs involved with any accidents would normally be covered by the insurance policy the driver has but in the case where there is no insurance cover the situation becomes very difficult as the driver will be responsible for all the costs related to the accident and these costs could be very high.

A further problem of driving without insurance cover is that after you have been arrested by police this will then be on your records and when you try to find insurance for a vehicle these notes will become apparent and make the process of getting insurance cover more difficult. If you have opted for a monthly payment scheme and have fallen behind on the payments then this will also be shown on the records kept on you and again will make the job of getting insurance cover more difficult.

Driving your car without having appropriate insurance cover is a very fool hardy thing to do and should be avoided at all times. Although it may seem to be an expensive part of your budget it would be considerably more expensive should you be involved in an accident and be responsible for all the costs of car repairs.