Ways To Prevent DUI

Drunk driving is one of major causes of road accidents that have already taken so many innocent lives. It is a fact that driving means that you are responsible of your passengers safety so you really have to be careful and considerate. It wouldn’t be fair enough if you waste the lives of other people just because you were driving under the influence of alcohol or prohibited drugs. Thus you should not drink and drive or as much as possible, you should avoid drinking then driving. But can this be really prevented and how can you make it possible?

DUI can be prevented as long as you want to and you are aware of the things that might happen if you drive drunk. Being aware of the consequences can make you think twice and make you consider other people around you. If you already had a drink then you should never consider the idea of driving. You might want to consider letting someone else who is with you to take the wheel instead. If the family is going for a night out, you should pick someone who will be assigned to drive everyone home after having fun. But if nobody will agree to this idea, then it is for everyone to take a taxi or cab. One way or the other, you will be sure that everyone can go home safely.

Checking your BAC (blood alcohol content) before driving is also a good idea to consider. By doing this you will be able to know if you should not drive or the other way around. You can purchase a hand-held breathalyzer in order to determine the alcohol in your blood. The allowable BAC is 0.08% so anything above it will be illegal. If you were driving and you were arrested by a police officer along the way because your BAC level is beyond the legal limit, then you to face the consequences. Using a breathalyzer is very easy and it does not cost you a fortune. This means that not knowing how to use it and not having any money to buy one are not very acceptable reasons if you really want to avoid driving drunk.

Although death is not always the result of DUI, getting arrested for DUI can still cause you a lot of trouble. Regardless of the state that you are in, DUI laws are strictly implement for everyone’s safety. After being arrested, you can end up spending a couple of months in jail or spend hundreds of hours doing community services. Aside from these, you can also get your license suspended or you will be required to pay thousands of dollars as DUI fines/penalties. You will surely get over all of these punishments but how about losing your job and not being able to find another employer? All these can happen depending on how bad the case is. So if you were not able to think of preventing DUI and you got arrested, you need to call a good DUI lawyer.