Accident Claims – Not As Daunting As the Accident Itself!

Almost all of us have been injured in an accident at some point or other. Usually we only sustain minor injuries, but an unfortunate minority sustain more serious injuries. We normally need a doctor to treat injuries caused by the accident and leave ourselves with the burden of the financial stress.

If the accident was caused through someone else’s fault and happened within the last three years, you may be entitled to claim accident compensation. While claims cannot cure your injury, they can certainly help ease the financial stress associated with it. This article answers any questions you might have with regards to accident claims and shows that you are just a phone call away from starting your accident claim.

The different categories of accident claims

While claims can be classified broadly under different categories – car, work, industrial or medical negligence, they are not restricted by the level of injuries sustained. Minor injuries can often have a serious & long lasting impact. The most common type of accidents that people claim for are car accidents followed by work accidents. Work, industrial or medical accident claims are all relatively common.

Work accidents:

Most people know that employers are supposed to follow a high level of health and safety standards and take reasonable steps to keep us safe at work, but did you know that by law they need an insurance policy to cover claims made by an employee due to negligence on their part?

Often, people who have been the victim of an accident at work avoid making accident claims in fear of losing their job. However the insurance company and not the employer usually pay the compensation if the accident claim is successful. Most importantly, taking action can help the company improve its health and safety standards to avoid such accidents in the future.

Medical accidents:

Unfortunately it’s not unusual to hear about injuries caused due to negligence in prescribing the correct medicine or carrying out a medical procedure. Either of these can have a detrimental impact on a patient’s health. Claiming compensation for medical accidents can have a life changing impact not only on yourself but others life as well.

What are the legal costs involved in making accident claims?

No win no fee agreements were introduced in 1995 to help make sure everyone has access to justice, regardless of their financial situation, and to enable people to make accident claims if they believe they are entitled to compensation. Simply put no win no fee means that if you lose the case you pay nothing as your solicitor will waive their costs and make sure the other side’s costs are covered by insurance. If you win your case the other parties insurance company pays your legal fees. This ensures that you don’t pay any legal fees and are entitled to receive 100 % of the compensation claim without any deductions if you win the case.

So am I really just a phone call away?

While this article has shown that making an accident claim can be relatively straightforward, the idea of making a start can be quite daunting. Finding the right solicitor is extremely important.

You should always use an experienced personal injury solicitor. Many will be able to offer you a no win no fee agreement and guarantee that you receive 100% compensation.

Being in the business for over 18 years and having helped thousands of people make successful accident claims, National Accident Helpline prides itself on its legally trained staff who listen to your case and can tell you within minutes if you could have a claim. National Accident Helpline’s nationwide network of industry leading personal injury solicitors means you could be connected with a solicitor in your area within minutes of deciding to make an accident claim.