Penalties For DUI’s – What Might They Be?

Do you understand what a few of the penalties for a DUI are? Something a lot of people do not understand is there are lots of different penalties for a DUI and the terrible thing regarding that is you don’t know what you could receive. When it comes to a DUI something that you need to understand is that you broke the rules and with that you are going to get punished in whatever way a judge thinks is acceptable. My suggestion to you is not to get upset when the judge gives you more or a punishment and the reason is because judges almost always give less than they really should have.

The biggest reason why you must avoid getting a DUI is because nothing good comes from it, you’ll need to pay fines, legal fees, do community service, take part in counseling, and if you really upset the judge you’ll even need to spend a little bit of time in jail. The hard part about getting a DUI is that you’ll have to deal with it for your entire life not only right now, the reason for this is because a DUI is considered a felony and because of that you will have it on your record forever. Do yourself a big favor and know that the penalties for a DUI don’t just come from the judge, they can come from the Department of Motor Vehicles, your insurance company, your employer, and even from your creditors. If you don’t think a DUI is that serious then think again, it’s more serious than you’ll ever know.

The most common penalty for a DUI is fines and a license suspension but the fact of the matter is if that is all you get then you are getting off easy. The reason why fines are part of the most common penalty is because the judge wants to make sure you pay for what you just did, the court needs you to pay for their time you just wasted, and also to pay for any damage you may have causes to the city that you received the DUI in. The main reason why you might get your license suspended is simply because judges need to know that you won’ drink and drive again prior to letting you back behind the wheel of car.

The last thing you must know regarding the different penalties is that often times you’ll get a mixture of all the different penalties and you will never know what you’ll get until it’s all over with. This is one of the reasons why I highly recommend you getting a great attorney and making sure that they take good care of you and your DUI case. If you do not have a good attorney then you’ll probably be made an example out of.