Your Second DUI Will Be Much Worse Than The First

Do you understand the consequences of receiving a second DUI? Something you need to understand if you have gotten a DUI already is the next one is going to be worse and you must care enough to not drink and drive. The thing you need to understand is getting a second DUI will not be just twice as bad as the first, it will actually be more like 4-5 as bad.

Something lots of people do not get is that in their first DUI they probably got away with quite a bit and the reason is because you probably had a lawyer that got you less than you really should have got. Something you must understand is there are parts of the country where people will get a few years in jail just because they did not learn the first time they got a DUI.

The tough part about getting a second DUI is that you won’t just be paying for a little more than the first one, sometimes you will have to pay 4 or 5 times what you had to the last time, something you must understand is that the payments you make will increase rather than having longer payments. What you probably don’t understand is there are ways that judges can make you pay and one of the biggest reasons judges will make you pay huge fines, get your license taken away, and do community service is because you had a child in the car with you at the time you got the DUI. One thing you never want to do is drink and drive with a child in the car with you, really you should never drink and drive but when it comes to putting a minor at risk the judge and probably a lot of attorneys will not have any sympathy for you and therefore you will be made an example of for everybody else to see.

The final thing you have to know regarding why you do not want to receive a second DUI is that attorney costs probably will go up as well. Normally if you utilize the same lawyer you’ll get a small discount but the problem is there is more work to be done, you’ll need to take counseling and alcohol classes, and sometimes you’ll be required to do attend hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles which means that your lawyer is going to charge you a little bit more. Something lots of individuals don’t get is the attorney you hire would like to help you get out of as much as possible but at the same time they know you are already walking a fine line which they cannot push against because the judge will push too.